Automated Criminal History Adjudication

Simplify non-criminal justice Name & DOB and/or Fingerprint decision-making and response dissemination


Powerful CCH Record Completeness Tools

Add-on CCH workflows and interfaces to update Dispositions, Diversions, and Expungements


Instant Firearm POC Application Processing

Automate and enhance background check processing for firearms purchases beyond FBI NICS

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NICS and POC firearm applications INSTANTLY approved in 2021
Fingerprint and Name+DOB criminal history requests automatically processed
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Flex-Check™ is Purpose-Built For CJIS Stakeholders

Tailored Solutions has been building innovative software solutions with law enforcement, CJIS administrators, and state agencies for over three decades. Our marquee solution, Flex-Check™, was developed as a result of thousands of hours of interactions we have had with hundreds of law enforcement and CJIS administrators across the country, resulting in a powerful tool that helps you manage all facets of CJIS system query and response processing and management.

fingerprint CCH

Coordinates the processing of fingerprint-based background checks including submission, results processing, and agency-applicant communications. Customize off-ramps for background checks that require further investigation.

Public Records

Delivers Computerized Criminal History results for Name and Date-of-Birth queries for Agencies and Open Information CCH queries. An end-to-end solution that supports end-user payment, inter-agency billing, automated results delivery, and protocols for review by authorized staff.

Automated Firearm & CWP System

Approve firearm applications instantly with this turn-key online solution for gun dealers, licensing agencies, and firearm purchase administrators. Powerful capabilities to define state-specific adjudication rules and data source integrations

FBI Rap Back Services for Continuous Monitoring & Automated Updates

Go beyond the routine State and/or FBI RAP Back services with Flex-Check’s enhanced multi-agency enrollment and notification sharing together with secure log and auditing tools.

Automated Criminal History Record Information system

More than 40% of criminal records have no record of the outcome of an arrest, court proceedings, etc. Keep your CCH up-to-date with instant record updates directly from the courts and authorized law enforcement agencies.

Reconcile Post-Conviction Court Orders

Manage all court-ordered or legislated expungements with our powerful case management tools designed specifically to digitize and automate these often wholly manual processes.

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