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Flex-Check™ DISPOSITIONS & DIVERSIONS provides a robust tool which allows Court Clerks and criminal history repository staff update data in a collaborative and automated fashion.  Complete and up-to-date Criminal History Record Information is critical to making accurate decisions criminal justice, licensing, and employment stakeholders.


Secure web browser-based tool and back-end processing to allow coordination between Court Clerks and State criminal history repository staff to efficiently enter court dispositions or pre-trial diversion information.


Automation and electronic coordination reduce the resource overhead needed to complete required repository maintenance. Creates an audit trail and documentation to support activities.

The disposition issue is a top priority for the FBI because dispositions are shared for employment and licensing adjudications, firearms background checks, Rap Back services, criminal investigations, and sentencing decisions.
Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems
Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems
SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics

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