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End of Life Notification and Support

Further to the written notification that we have provided to our clients using our ForseCom products, including ForseCom Millenium (M3), ForseWeb, ForseLEDS, and ForseCom API, we will discontinue the support of these products as well as all ForseCom processing services as of December 31, 2023. 

Below are some key dates to acknowledge:

End-of-Life AnnouncementEnd-of-Life Notification is sent to affected customers
Dec. 15, 2022
End-of-SaleThe last day to place an order for any of the affected productsDec. 15, 2022
End-of-SupportThe last day to receive any technical and service support for any of the affected products. Dec. 31, 2023
For our Oregon clients using ForseCom Millenium 3 (M3), ForseWeb, or ForseLEDS:


With over 20 years of experience providing LEDS services to more than 150+ Oregon agencies and 13,000+ users, Kevin at KRP Data Systems can provide your agency with great LEDS service. Contact Kevin to inquire about the WebLEDS application, a complete browser-based Oregon LEDS application to access State, State-to-State, and National criminal history information. 

     Kevin Potter
     Telephone: (541) 580-4849

LEDS 20/20
The LEDS 20/20 application is a free zero-footprint, full LEDS/NCIC access application developed specifically for Oregon LEDS Users. You can learn more about LEDS 20/20 at

For our Oregon clients using ForseCom API, Batch Processing, or other ForseCom processing products or services:


KRP Data Systems
Contact Kevin to see how KRP Data Systems can facilitate a migration from your ForseCom product. 

     Kevin Potter
     Telephone: (541) 580-4849