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Automated Result Adjudication

Flex-Check™ FINGERPRINT CCH integrates into your existing non-criminal applicant fingerprint-based background check process, providing an effective and efficient case file management tool for state repositories and authorized recipients. Managing, documenting, automating, and reporting the end-to-end life cycle of each applicant transaction This FBI CJIS Security compliant module provides flexibility for each using agency special processing needs.


All the features and functionality needed to transform applicant result processing in a complex multi-agency program are at your fingertips. A well tested and highly configurable modular design using an adjudication engine tuned to your state-specific rules, regulations, and laws produces amazing results from day one.


An efficient decision-making process reduces staffing costs, reduces complaints by constituents, provides one location for results status, and allows authorized entities to manage their data centrally and consistently which reduces FBI Audit issues.

There were over 82,478 civil fingerprint background checks processed every day in 2021; 95% of requests were completed and returned within 2 hours.
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